Rupture Disk & Explosion Panel

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1. Rupture Disk & Explosion Panel

Situations that demand a Rupture Disc

• In case there is any concern that there can be an abrupt rise in pressure that cannot be endured by a spring type safety valve.

• In case there is any concern that fixtures generated by the operation state may damage the operation function of other safety materials owing to excessive pressure.

• In case the leakage of oil reserved in a tank from a safety device is not permitted during an operation.

• In case there is a need to have a protective device in preparation for a container and pipe that reserves or produces oil of a strong corrosive nature.

• In case of handling or reserving materials that are likely to undergo a synthetic reaction.

• In case there is a possibility that an excessively high or low temperature in the operational environment might inhibit the operation of a safety valve.